Gigabyte Aero is out, replaced with…

June 27, 2021

I have enjoyed every minute of the Gigabyte Aero 15 XA Laptop for the 18 months I have been using it and felt little need to replace it any time soon.

The screen as I keep saying is just amazing, and nothing comes close to it for colour accuracy and vibrancy. I recently decided to use my Gigabyte Aero laptop for all my work and have put my custom-built desktop PC into the lounge room for home theatre duties…overkill for sure.

In my mind I struggled with the thought that I was giving up the extra power of that desktop (9th Gen Core i9 9900K CPU with a NVIDIA RTX2080 OC GPU) for the not quite as powerful Gigabyte Aero laptop. So, I decided to replace the Gigabyte laptop with one of the newer Intel 11th Gen Core i9 Laptops that has an NVIDIA RTX3080 GPU. But which one to buy?

The new Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED YD

The answer, no matter how hard I looked at alternatives, just keeps coming back to the new Gigabyte Aero 15 YD, a laptop that features the very latest Intel 11th Gen Core i9 CPU, and the NVIDIA RTX3080 GPU, with 32GB RAM. So, I bought it and then added in my Sabrent 8TB and 4TB SSDs, as well as 64GB RAM.

I thought this setup would get me closer to the performance of my old desktop setup, but I was wrong. After running Geekbench tests, I was surprised to find this new laptop is significantly faster than my desktop machine. It amazes me that in the short space of two years, a laptop can surpass the performance of what was a very powerful desktop machine at the time of its build.

I will be sticking with this new laptop as my ONLY machine for some years to come! I have also now paired it with an MSI Prestige 5K2K display for when I am using the Gigabyte Aero at my desk.

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