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Australian Road Trip Adventures
Broome Road Trip
After two years of careful planning, I’m beyond excited that my dream road trip from Sydney on Australia’s east coast to the shores of Broome on the west coast is finally happening! I’ve spent countless hours figuring out the perfect route, and although it went through some changes along the way, I’ve finally settled on […]
The Red Centre Road Trip (Part 2)
As we pick up from where we left off in The Red Centre Road Trip (Part 1), Part 2 takes me on an exciting journey towards some of the most iconic landmarks of the region. The itinerary includes a visit to the magnificent Kings Canyon, the breathtaking Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), and of course, the […]
The Red Centre Road Trip (Part 1)
I had the pleasure of visiting the awe-inspiring Red Centre a few years back in 2015. However, it’s been far too long since I last ventured to this iconic region of Australia, and I feel a strong pull to return. The Northern Territory is a truly remarkable place, with its stunning sunsets and sunrises that […]
Cameron Corner Road Trip
The first road trip in the new 4WD Ford Everest was to head out as far north/west of NSW to Cameron Corner, a 3,156 km round trip with about 1,000 km of dirt road to keep us on our toes. The plan of course changed along the way as the rain affected areas presented us […]
Broken Hill Road Trip
The year of 2021 was not a whole lot better than 2020 in terms of the pandemic and lockdowns, so as cabin fever set in once again, we planned another road trip to experience the freedom of the open road. We were once again heading for Broken Hill, but planned to see Mungo National Park […]
Broken Hill Road Trip
After being in lock down for months, I felt the need to get outback, and Broken Hill seemed like the place to head for to get some great new images. Broken Hill is a mining town in the north west of the state of New South Wales and has a number of attractions worthy of […]
Remarkable Rocks
In an effort to go somewhere ‘different’ our family and another decided to head to an island for a holiday, none of us really knew that much if anything at all, about Kangaroo Island, but that is where we decided to head to for our annual holiday. Everyone we knew was asking, why? Seems no […]
Overflowing Todd River In Alice Springs
A friend you was spending time away found himself settled into life in Alice Springs for a few month, enjoying the surrounds and taking hundreds of photos to add to his portfolio. Just prior to his return to Sydney he rang me to let me know he was on his way back and I decided […]
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