Great Destinations for Photographers
Emma Gorge
Nestled in the rugged landscapes of Western Australia, Emma Gorge is a stunning natural oasis. Located in the El Questro Wilderness Park, it boasts majestic red cliffs, clear refreshing pools, and a cascading waterfall. Hiking through ancient gorges and lush vegetation leads to refreshing swimming spots and shady areas under paperbark trees. Emma Gorge is […]
Waterfall Reef
Imagine this, a truly extraordinary sight that seems to defy all logic and expectations – a majestic waterfall right in the middle of the vast ocean. It may sound like something out of a dream, but the Waterfall Reef is exactly that, and it’s the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. This […]
Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve
Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve, nestled in the enchanting Western Australian landscape, is a captivating sanctuary that showcases the region’s extraordinary biodiversity. With its sprawling wetlands, verdant meadows, and tranquil waterways, the reserve offers a haven for a diverse range of native flora and fauna. Visitors can meander along the picturesque nature trails, marvelling at the […]
Bell Gorge
Nestled within the untamed Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges Conservation Park, Bell Gorge unveils its captivating waterfall, enchanting bushwalking trails, and abundant birdwatching opportunities. These awe-inspiring folded rock formations took millions of years to form, adding to the gorge’s natural allure. Although I failed to see all the bird life. the Gorge itself is more than enough […]
Willie Creek Pearls
Willie Creek Pearls just outside of Broome in Western Australia, provides a complete pearl experience, encompassing the fascinating history of pearling in Broome, while educating thousands of visitors each year about the modern-day aspects of pearling. From commercial pearl farming to jewellery manufacturing, they are passionate about every element of the distinctive narrative behind the […]
Coolendel Campground
Coolendel Campground is about 22 kms west of Nowra on the NSW south coast. We ventured down there for a long weekend getaway, not expecting to be greeted with so many other people with the same idea! Coolendel looks pretty amazing in the pictures, but I have to say it left me a little disappointed, […]
Coorongooba Campground
Secluded Coorongooba Campground is said to be the ideal place to pitch a tent, relax and recharge in the dramatic World Heritage surrounds of Wollemi National Park. Set on the crystal clear Capertee River, it provides plenty of opportunities to splash about in river pools, enjoy invigorating walks along the Capertee river trail, or just […]
The Drip Gorge
The Drip walking track, (at The Drip Gorge) in Goulburn River State Conservation Area, meanders beside Goulburn River to The Drip, or ‘the Great Dripping Wall’. Rain water trickling through the porous rock wall makes it a cool oasis. The Drip Gorge is a significant place for the local Wiradjuri People. The best time to […]
Bundanoon, NSW
An opportunity to do house minding in Bundanoon, in the Southern Highlands over a long weekend for friends, saw me spending a few days with little else to do but take photos of the rather abundant bird life, and the great colours in the trees surrounding the home we stayed at. The bird life here […]
Western Plains Zoo
The Taronga Western Plains Zoo located just outside of Dubbo in NSW, is a rather large Zoo, with large displays spread out across many acres of land. The displays are significantly larger than those found in the Taronga Zoo in Mosman and there are many more animals in each display because of the larger space […]
Living Desert and Sculptures Sunset
The Living Desert Sculpture Park is Broken Hill City Council’s contribution to the environment, for the protection of native flora and fauna and for the better management of our ecosystem and sustainability. It is also a place that offers some truly spectacular views of the surrounding area and magnificent sunsets.
Machattie Park
Machattie Park in Bathurst, NSW, is one of those places you find when you are not really looking for it, and what started as a walk to pass time, turned into hours of photography! On a trip out to Orange to shoot amazing sunsets, that did not happen, we stopped off in Bathurst on the […]
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