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Sony Holy Grail Lenses
In my quest to ‘carry less gear’ when I am travelling, I bought the two Tamron lenses, the 35-150mm and the 150-500mm. Both were excellent lenses, but they were still heavy and not the Sony Holy Grail Lenses I had hoped for. Yes, they weighed less than the Sony 200-600mm and all the other lenses […]
Tamron 35-150mm One Lens Challenge
Another visit to Canberra with some mates who also enjoy a bit of photography, and a challenge, saw us once again at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. On this occasion we decided to challenge ourselves by taking only one lens and one body. Knowing this location offered opportunities for macro with the abundance of flowers […]
Can two Tamron lenses replace five lenses?
After my recent outback trip, and ten days of carrying this heavy backpack, I decided something had to change. I was however at a loss as to what that change might be, and only having recently purchased the Sony 200-600mm and the Tamron 28-200mm travel lens, the thought of offloading them seemed crazy. The bigger […]
A Pair of Killer Tamron Lenses
Don’t get me wrong, I love my Sony lenses and fully intend to keep a few, but the Sony 200-600mm lens (which I bought sight unseen and had it delivered) is simply way too big and cumbersome to lug around. Combine that with all of the other lens I have, I end up with an […]
The Ultimate Sony G Master Lens
The Ultimate Sony G Master Lens, have you ever wondered what that could be for you? A couple of years ago I purchased the brilliant Sony RX10 IV all in one camera for family holiday photo duties, so that I would not have to lug around my pro gear. I believed then, and I believe […]
MSI Prestige PS341WU 5K2K Monitor
I recently learnt of the 21:9 ratio screens, or as many are commonly called, Ultra-Wide displays. Almost all Ultra-Wide displays however are low in pixel count. Yes, some are 5K on width, but more often than not, they are only 1440 pixels on the height, which is less than what a 4K display offers. The […]
Gigabyte Aero is out, replaced with…
The screen as I keep saying is just amazing, and nothing comes close to it for colour accuracy and vibrancy. I recently decided to use my Gigabyte Aero laptop for all my work and have put my custom-built desktop PC into the lounge room for home theatre duties…overkill for sure. In my mind I struggled […]
The Ultimate Photo Editing Setup
I am sick of waiting. The choice was simple, just use the laptop, right? Well, not so easy as I was not able to store my over 2.6TB photo library on it as I did not have, and could not buy, enough storage to have it all internally on the laptop…until now. I already had […]
Gigabyte Aero Laptop One Year On
It has now been a year since I made the change from a Dell XPS laptop, to the Gigabyte Aero with a 9th Gen Core i9 CPU and an NVIDIA RTX2070 GPU, and that gorgeous 4K OLED screen.
Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED Review
After leaving the Dell experience behind, I was determined to get a laptop that truly met my needs, which meant it had to be a Core i9 CPU and a fast NVIDIA GPU, with the ability to cool it all efficiently to be able to take advantage of the horsepower under the hood. Given that […]
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