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Commercial Photography
Jeff Duff
In celebration of the new David Bowie documentary, Jeff Duff’s Bowie Unzipped show played at the Orpheum Theatre in Cremorne, prior to the movie showing. Using only the Tamrom 35mm – 150mm lens, and the advantage of a front row seat, I captured some good images of Jeff Duff.
Ordio Acoustics
Ordio Acoustics (Part of the Ordio Productions Group of Businesses) required images of their range of acoustic tile samples for online use. Each sample had to be photographed and then colour matched to the actual acoustic tile sample. A layered master file was then created with the text, logo and copyright notification (required due to […]
Rex Goh
Rex Goh was performing in Carinda with the Bowie Unzipped show at the annual Let’s Dance Carinda David Bowie Festival. I was able to get up front of stage and using my Sony 70-200mm lens to capture some reasonably good shots of Rex.
Classic Throttle Shop
A Sydney car dealer required images to be shot of this beautiful Audi R8 sports car, the problem was it needed to be shot in the showroom with the worst possible lighting. There was no time to spend hours in post processing, just take the shots and get the car up, so these are not […]
This model photoshoot was done outdoors in natural shaded light, and just a touch of Rotolights to highlight the face.
Penrith Rubber Stamps
I spent a day at Penrith Rubber Stamps to photograph their processes for their website, as well as product images, again for their website.
Bowie Unzipped
Shot from the back of the theatre in a fixed position, with a single lens and monopod. The images look amazingly clean given the high ISO, which shows how good the Sony sensor really is I guess
Buon Ricordo 2
Buon Ricordo needed more images of some of their newer dishes, for use with both their website and social media. Once again Head chef David Wright created some of the restaurants finest dishes and brought them to our fixed setup in the upstairs area of the restaurant, with everything from seafood to some beautiful desserts.
Intune Motorsport
An outdoor photoshoot of a Ford Mustang that had been highly modified. The shoot was done in a local park near the Intune Motorsport facility.
Georgia Model Photoshoot
This model photoshoot was done outdoors in natural shaded light, and just a touch of Rotolights to highlight the face.
Ordio Productions
Ordio Mastering required images of old recording formats for the audio restoration services page on their website. I shot all images in macro on white, processed all images in DXO and cleaned them up in Photoshop.
Italian Wine + Food Festival
The Italian Wine + Food Festival that runs each year in both Sydney and Melbourne uses multiple photographers for each event to cover the huge event. As one of many photographers at the event each year, I was tasked with a variety of images that were required, such as happy people, food, wine etc.
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