New South Wales

Early Morning Sydney

An early morning photo shoot starting at 5:30AM in the hope of a spectacular sunrise resulted in a sunrise with virtually no orange/red glow as hoped, but still resulted in some interesting colour thanks to the lights reflecting off the water.

Photographed using

Early Morning Sydney

On the morning of this shoot, a photographer mate and I had great expectations of an amazing sunrise over the city we live in. Having risen at around 5AM, and driven to our location, Mother Nature had other ideas completely.

Throughout the morning, the light around the Sydney Opera House changed somewhat, which allowed for to totally different looking images in terms of their colour content.

I used my favourite wide angle lens, the Sony 16-35mm G Master for the Sydney Harbour Bridge images, but for the Sydney Opera House, I used what is perhaps my second favourite lens, the Sony 70-200mm G Lens.

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