Coalcliff, New South Wales

Sea Cliff Bridge

The Sea Cliff Bridge has been used in many Australian TV commercials since it was built, and it is a fairly spectacular sight when heading out of Sydney to the southern coast.

The Sea Cliff Bridge, together with the adjoining Lawrence Hargrave Drive Bridge, are two road bridges that carry the scenic Lawrence Hargrave Drive across the rockface on the Illawarra escarpment, located in the northern Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia.

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Sea Cliff Bridge

The balanced cantilever and incremental launching girder bridges link the coastal villages of Coalcliff and Clifton and carry two lanes of traffic, and a pedestrian walkway. The Sea Cliff Bridge is one of only seven off-shore parallel-to-coast bridges in the world.

Photographing this spectacular roadway is probably best tackled off the bridge and from a slightly elevated location, rather than from on the bridge as we did on this day. These images are nice, but they do not show just how spectacular this roadway is, so there will be another attempt at this one sometime in the future.

If you do venture down this way, make a day of it and drop into The Scarborough Hotel, which is a classic old school hotel hanging off the cliff edge, with amazing views and good food.

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