Dubbo, NSW

Western Plains Zoo

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo located just outside of Dubbo in NSW, is a rather large Zoo, with large displays spread out across many acres of land. The displays are significantly larger than those found in the Taronga Zoo in Mosman and there are many more animals in each display because of the larger space available.

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo offers the opportunity to spend time photographing the animals without being in anyone else’s way. So because of that, myself and a fellow photographer headed out west to see what we could capture.

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Western Plains Zoo

Having been to Taronga Western Plains Zoo a couple of years ago without my main camera gear, I was really looking forward to the visit and the opportunity to capture many images. However, for reasons unknown, there were far fewer animals on display, and those that were on display were rather inactive.

We tried to make the most of it, but ultimately left very disappointed. I have not seen a lion on either visit to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, so the above image out front of the lion enclosure is all I was able to capture.

Many of the images we did capture were oddly enough, of the wild animals that were not caged, such as the Brilliant Fairy-Wrens, Kingfisher, Cockatoos and Goanna.

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