Broome, WA

Willie Creek Pearls

Willie Creek Pearls just outside of Broome in Western Australia, provides a complete pearl experience, encompassing the fascinating history of pearling in Broome, while educating thousands of visitors each year about the modern-day aspects of pearling. From commercial pearl farming to jewellery manufacturing, they are passionate about every element of the distinctive narrative behind the Pearl of Western Australia, from shell to showroom.

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Willie Creek Pearls

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour is a highly acclaimed and award-winning experience that showcases our unwavering passion for every aspect of the remarkable story behind The Pearl of Western Australia, from the initial stages of shell cultivation to the exquisite showroom display. It is an essential and unforgettable activity for anyone visiting Broome.

Nestled in an isolated corner of the world, this idyllic destination offers a haven of natural beauty where the enchantment of pearling can be fully appreciated. Situated on the serene and protected tidal estuary of Willie Creek, the farm is located 38km away from Broome (17kms in a straight line). The area’s untouched splendor and its ability to encapsulate the wonders of pearling make it a truly captivating place to explore.

For over three decades, the farm has welcomed visitors who seek to gain insights into the modern techniques of pearl farming and witness the sustainable cultivation of the world’s finest pearls firsthand. The region’s ideal conditions, including tides, temperature, and nutrient-rich waters, provide the perfect environment to observe the magnificent Pinctada maxima oyster, the pearl-producing marvel, in its natural habitat.

The crystalline waters and picturesque mangrove-lined banks of Willie Creek Pearl Farm serve as a home to a diverse array of wildlife, from the elusive barramundi to graceful brolgas, and even a few saltwater crocodiles! The journey to Willie Creek Pearl Farm is equally thrilling, often graced by the presence of wild brumbies along the way, adding an element of untamed beauty to the adventure.

Completing the experience, Willie Creek Pearl Farm features its very own jewelry showroom, exhibiting a stunning collection of Australian South Sea Pearls as well as pearls sourced from various corners of the globe. The showroom is a testament to the exceptional beauty and craftsmanship associated with these precious gems.

Even for those who may not have a particular interest in pearls, a visit to Willie Creek is still highly recommended. This stunning destination offers breathtaking water views, making it a truly beautiful place to explore. Additionally, their exceptional coffee and delectable damper plate alone are enough reasons to pay them a visit.

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