Wollemi National Park, NSW

Coorongooba Campground

Secluded Coorongooba Campground is said to be the ideal place to pitch a tent, relax and recharge in the dramatic World Heritage surrounds of Wollemi National Park. Set on the crystal clear Capertee River, it provides plenty of opportunities to splash about in river pools, enjoy invigorating walks along the Capertee river trail, or just soak up the natural ambience with a good book. So it was time to spend a couple of days to see what this place offers.

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Coorongooba Campground

Coorongooba Campground is an easy three and a half hours drive out of Sydney, passing through the Blue Mountains and Lithgow. It is situated about 55 km out Lithgow, and around 100km before reaching Mudgee. The drive into the campground is along a 4km stretch of dirt that does not require a 4×4. Beware however there is a water crossing which on this occasion was about 30cm deep.

There are so many Kangaroo’s in this campground all day and night long. At one stage i counted 25 in my immediate sight, but there would have been the same number again in the other section to which I was on. On top of all the kangaroos, there is plenty of bird life, as well as ducks, wombats and possums.

The campground itself is quite large, and if you go during the week as I did, you pretty much have the entire place to yourself. There are firepits throughout, and at night time while sitting by the fire, you get to witness and amazing sky with more stars than you will ever see in the city. So if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing time among Australia’s native wildlife, then Coorongooba Campground may just be for you.

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