Mudgee, NSW

The Drip Gorge

The Drip walking track, (at The Drip Gorge) in Goulburn River State Conservation Area, meanders beside Goulburn River to The Drip, or ‘the Great Dripping Wall’. Rain water trickling through the porous rock wall makes it a cool oasis. The Drip Gorge is a significant place for the local Wiradjuri People. The best time to experience it is after a few days of rain, when you’ll see the sandstone walls dripping clear spring water. During a hot summer you’ll love its natural air-conditioning. It can be 10 to 15° cooler than the surrounding region on a hot day.

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The Drip Gorge

It is a short drive from Mudgee (around 30 minutes) to get to the Drip Gorge, and The Drip walking track is around 1-1.5 hours return. The abundant plant life along the track adds to the beauty of The Drip. See if you can spot native apple gums, tree violets (named for their scent) and rocky outcrops with orchids and moss.

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