Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Pennington Bay

Pennington Bay sits on the south coast of Kangaroo Island en-route to the Dudley Peninsula. It is accessible via an unsealed road that runs off of Hog Bay Road. It is a stunning bay that is famous for its surfing. Sunset here allows for some beautiful images to be captured, and great drone footage.

Pennington Bay is just two kilometres off the main Hog Bay Road, on the southern coastline of Kangaroo Island. It is a stunning bay that is famous for its surfing due to the powerful swells. Caution should be taken when swimming as the waves can be rough.

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Pennington Bay

The landscape of Pennington Bay however is stunning, with incredible bush land and wild life. If venturing out here in the late afternoon to capture the incredible sunsets, do you use caution as there are Kangaroo’s everywhere along the road side, and they tend to jump out of nowhere too!

We spent one late afternoon at Pennington Bay just prior to the great fires on Kangaroo Island in early 2020 reaching this location. I managed to capture some good images, both still and via my drone. I was so in love with the rich colour palette here that I made the effort to rise early the next day and witness the sunrise too. I would recommend you doing one or the other if you can, as both are spectacular.

Out timing could not have been better, after the early morning sunrise photoshoot, the smoke from the devastating fires reached this area and filled the skies with an ominous grey. Timing is everything…

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