Middle Head, NSW

Middle Head Lizard

On yet another walk around the Middle Head area just past Mosman in Sydney, I was hoping  to be able to capture more bird images, which I did, but the bonus was this very nicely coloured lizard that was first spotted lurking in the tall grass several feet away from me. After taking a few shots of him in the grass, he scurried off into the bush for a while and as we explored the surrounding area, he decided to perch himself on the rocks, enabling me to get some more shots of his beautiful  red underbelly.

Photographed using

Middle Head Lizard

He proved to be a fairly chilled out lizard, allowing myself and a fellow photographer to grab literally hundreds of images of him in a variety of poses as he moved from one rock to another, staying about ten minutes on each rock and only moving to the next as we got too close for his comfort.

The Tamron 150-500mm Lens once again performed brilliantly and produced exceptionally sharp images. I am certainly comfortable with my decision to offload the large Sony 200-600mm lens in favour of the more compact Tamron.

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