El Questro, WA

Western Corella

On a visit to the famous El Questro in The Kimberley region of Western Australia, every evening there would be some rather noisy birds settling in before the sun sank for the day. I discovered the noise was coming from hundreds of Western Corella’s squawking like mad as they got settled for the night. During the day they seemed to hang around the stables which provided me the opportunity to grab some images of these classic Australian birds. On this occasion I had only the Sony 70-200mm G Master II lens, no 2x Teleconverter, but these birds were fairly close and negated the need for the 2x Teleconverter.

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Western Corella

The Western Corella is a white cockatoo found in Western Australia. It has completely white upper wings and pale yellow undersides. The bird has an upright white crest, bluish-gray skin around the eyes, a crimson pink area between the eyes and beak, a small pink patch on the throat, and a long, pointed bill. There is no noticeable difference in appearance between males and females, making it difficult to determine their sex. However, observations of pairs have shown that males are larger than females and have a deeper alarm call.

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