Georges Head, NSW

Georges Head Lizard

I had never heard of Georges Head, until my son came home after a bike ride and told me where he had been. The fact it is a five minute drive from my home made me wonder why I had not even heard of it before now, so I ventured out with the camera in tow, hoping to get some practice shooting birds. Birds however were few and far between, so I gave up on that after about an hour and went for a walk towards the shoreline.

Along the way, I see this three foot long lizard, basking in the sun on one of the many concrete bunkers in this area. He was not too shy either as I was able to get pretty close to him, within about 6-8 feet in fact. But given my lens choice for the day, a Sony 200-600mm, I had to take a few steps backwards to be able to grab focus.

Photographed using

Georges Head Lizard

All of these images were captured hand held, and to be honest I was not expecting to get as many keepers as I did. I did not feel that my hands were that steady, and I shot many of these images at 1/250th of second shutter speed.

Yes I had the image stabiliser on so it clearly helped, but still, I thought for sure these would all be wasted. I eventually moved the ISO to 1600 to allow me to shoot much faster shutter speeds, particularly when he moved into the shade.

While nothing amazing was captured, it was a nice break from lockdown and great to get some fresh air.

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