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Famous for its role in silver mining history and on the silver screen, the historic town of Silverton perfectly captures the charm of the Outback while feeling instantly recognisable – possibly because it has starred in many iconic Australian films.

Silverton is a small village at the far west of New South Wales, 26 kilometres north-west of Broken Hill, with a population of 50…yes, 50. The town of Silverton sprang up after the discovery of rich silver deposits, although it was soon eclipsed by an even richer silver-lead-zinc ore body at nearby Broken Hill.

The town is often referred to as a ghost town, however, there remains a small permanent population and mainly tourist related businesses.

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Silverton is home to impressive colonial buildings, including the Silverton Gaol Museum, where you’ll find collections of photographs, household items, and mining and medical equipment – including a ‘coroner’s bath’, where bodies were once preserved before the arrival of the Sydney coroner. If it wasn’t for the small community of artists, its desirability as a setting for outback movies, and the seemingly never ending tourist trade, Silverton would be a ghost town.

Located west of Broken Hill and close to the South Australian border this once-thriving mining town which at one point it had a population of 3,000 people is now nothing more than a few historic buildings, the remnants of once-vibrant streets, several art galleries and a pub. No visit to the town is complete without travelling a few kilometres to the Mundi Mundi Lookout and gazing to the horizon over barren desert, having a drink at the Silverton pub and visiting Day Dream Mine, the last mine that is still open for inspection.

Silverton is perhaps most famous for having Mad Max 2 shot around it. As such, a Mad Max 2 museum has since sprung up, however it was closed when I visited. The pub itself is probably the first stop you will make, seeking food and drinks, and I am happy to say the food here is not bad at all, and VERY welcome on arrival.

The John Dynon Gallery buildings are very colourful, as too is much of the art around it. The Mad Max 2 Museum too is colourful, not sure about its content however. The rest of Silverton is made up of small galleries, a bread shop and the like. It is hot here, full of flies, and in the middle of nowhere really, but worth a visit if you are up this way.

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Famous for its role in silver mining history and on the silver screen, the historic town of Silverton perfectly captures the charm

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