Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve, WA

Restless Flycatcher

The Restless Flycatcher, also known as the Razor Grinder or Scissors Grinder due to its distinctive call, is a passerine bird belonging to the Monarchidae family. It is native to eastern and southern Australia and shares similar colouring with the well-known Willie Wagtail. Previously considered a subspecies, populations in New Guinea and northern Australia are now recognised as a separate species called the Paperbark Flycatcher (Myiagra nana). With a small to medium-sized body, the Restless Flycatcher contributes to the avian diversity of the region with its distinct characteristics and distribution.

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Restless Flycatcher

The Restless Flycatcher can be found across various regions of Australia, including the east, south-east, and south-west, as well as Papua New Guinea. Its distribution spans from Cairns in Far North Queensland to the western parts of Central Queensland and covers most of New South Wales, Victoria, southern South Australia, and the south-west of Western Australia.

During winter, many populations from the south and south-eastern areas migrate further north. This species typically inhabits open and wooded forests, river red gums near water sources, inland and coastal scrubs, and occasionally semi-urban environments. This little bird was shot at the Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve in the top of Western Australia, near Wyndham.

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