Mosman, NSW

Birds of Taronga Zoo 2

Another year, another visit to Taronga Zoo on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. I am fortunate to live only five minutes away so it is a local attraction for me, and one I should visit more often than I do. But a warm Saturday morning, and nothing else to do, was the trigger on this occasion.

Today I travelled lightly, with just the Sony A7R IV, the Sony 70-200mm G Master lens, and the Sony 2x Teleconverter, but unfortunately it seemed half of Sydney had decided to visit the Zoo on this day so crowds were rather large. I stayed for about two hours, spending most of that time in the aviaries, and headed home to get out of the crowd.

Photographed using

Birds of Taronga Zoo 2

There is very poor light within the aviaries of Taronga Zoo due to the canopy of leaves from the trees within, as a result many of these images were shot at 12,800 ISO. Thankfully, DXO Photolab’s brilliant Deep Prime Noise Reduction makes short work of the noise present in these high ISO images. There are only three images here that were shot at low ISO settings, can you pick them from the high ISO images?

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