National Botanic Gardens, ACT

A Study Of Bees

On my first visit to the National Botanic Gardens I tried to capture the bees in these pink flowered trees, and it was a miserable failure. I used the lens wide open at f2.8 which resulted in no depth of field and mostly blurry bees.

The second visit I stopped down to around f8 which proved to be the best balance between depth of field and shutter speed to freeze these guys. It is without a doubt one of the most challenging subjects to photograph as they are constantly moving.

Photographed using

A Study Of Bees

It is perhaps smarter to use a tripod, with the camera focused on a single section of the bush, and waiting for a bee to land on that section. A test of patience for sure, but one that may just result in some excellent images. There is always next time…

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