Cameron Corner, Queensland

Cameron Corner Road Trip

The first road trip in the new 4WD Ford Everest was to head out as far north/west of NSW to Cameron Corner, a 3,156 km round trip with about 1,000 km of dirt road to keep us on our toes. The plan of course changed along the way as the rain affected areas presented us with closed roads, or the potential for closed roads and trapping us in for days.

But with the changes came new adventures we may never have seen, such Trilby Station, a Marino Woll Farm with 20,000 sheep about to give birth to 15,000 lambs! And what a location this turned out to be and a great end to our camping trip.

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Distance: 3156kms

Start: 25/09/2022

Finish: 05/10/2022

Our first stop along the road to Cameron Corner was my favourite place to take sunset images, Menindee Lakes. However once again Mother Nature had other ideas and took most of the clouds over the lake which resulted in less-than-ideal conditions for sunset images. So after taking a few ‘classic Menindee Lakes shots 9sans clouds), I turned my attention to the trees lining the bank, and at ‘Golden Hour’ managed a couple of ‘nice’ images at least.

Menindee Lakes
Menindee Lakes without interesting cloud formations above to add interest and drama.

From Menindee Lakes we headed to Mt Gipps Station, a 100,000 acre Sheep farm just north of Broken Hill. We spent a few days here venturing out to the beautiful Gorge on the property, as well as heading back into Broken Hill and out to Silverton.

The sheep were being mustered as we were there so we did not see them, however we did get to spend some time with their new Scottish Highland cows which are being kept as pets and not for their beef.

We also managed to do some great four wheel driving up to a ‘secret’ location that the owner Sam told us about for sunset. This proved to be awesome fun, and a spectacular location.

See the ‘Destination’ item on Mt Gipps Station coming soon!

Old Car at Mt Gipps Station
Old car located atop the hill at the 'secret' location of the Mt Gipps Station property.

Milparinka was next on our stop, a small historic village offering good facilities for those travelling with caravans and tents.

Milparinka also offers some pretty spectacular sunset opportunities too as it turned out. We were at the local Pub having a drink when amazing clouds started to form on the horizon.

At the same time, a young 14-year-old local fired up his motorcycle and started practicing wheelies up and down the main road in front of the pub which just made the photo opportunity even more interesting!

Milparink Bike Rider
A young 14-year-old lad doing wheelies at sunset!

The outback of NSW is usually full of wildlife, and this trip was no exception. There were literally hundreds of lizards either on the road or at the roads edge, and Emus were everywhere.

For the first time in my entire life, I saw Emu babies…everywhere! Spring has sprung in the outback and we lost count of the number of Emu babies we saw everywhere we went.

We eventually reached Cameron Corner, took some photos, did some drone footage and sat down for lunch at the Cameron Corner Store.

We then headed back to our camp site at The Dead Horse Gully Campground in Tibooburra. The name sounds ominous, but it was a wonderful camping ground with excellent facilities with a unique landscape around you.

We used the Dead Horse Gully Campground as our base for a couple days, and spent some time exploring the Sturt National Park which is a 4WD track only. What a spectacular place this turned out to be too!

Sturt National Park
The amazing Sturt National Park landscape.

It was at this point our plans changed due to the huge rains headed NSW’s way. We were planning to go further north to Cunamulla, but instead made last minute changes and headed to Trilby Station near Louth. I will be adding more about Trilby Station sometime in the near future.

We beat the rain home to Sydney, after what was a fairly epic adventure out to the far north/west of NSW.

Trilby Station
Trilby Station Billabong Campground at Sunset.

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