Broome, WA

Broome Road Trip

After two years of careful planning, I’m beyond excited that my dream road trip from Sydney on Australia’s east coast to the shores of Broome on the west coast is finally happening! I’ve spent countless hours figuring out the perfect route, and although it went through some changes along the way, I’ve finally settled on a plan that will take me up north in no time, as winter is creeping in, so I can expect sunny days and comfortably cool nights, making this trip even more enjoyable.

As I hit the road, I’ll have the chance to discover some intriguing places that I’ve never been to before. One of them is Mount Isa, a vibrant mining town in Queensland with a rich history. Places like Tennant Creek, Mataranka and Katherine, places I have heard of many times, but never seen. Then there are the places I have never heard of before, such as Daly Waters, a quirky little town which has a vibe all it’s own.

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Distance: 5300kms

Start: 07/06/2023

Finish: 18/06/2023

After a rainy first night in Nyngan, I headed to Cunnumlla, just over the border in Queensland, where thankfully the rain had stopped. I was scheduled to stay at Charlotte Plains but the rain had flooded access. As the sun began to fall in the late afternoon, the park where I was staying in Cunnamulla filled with the sound of the Australian Galahs, soaking up the last rays of sun for the day.

The image of the two Galahs was shot on the Sony 70-200mm G Master II with the Sony 2x Teleconveter, and together with the 61 megapixels of the Sony A7R IV, allows me to get some excellent images with a combination of optical reach, and a bit of cropping. The real bonus being the sheer compactness of this lens combination compared to the large and heavy Sony 200-600mm lens I had previously.

Next on this Broome Road Trip was a farm stay for one night in Blackall, Queensland on the long drive to Western Australia, and the sunset was pretty good. I turned around to get the ‘other’ view of the sunset, and got this image which almost looks like an African Serengeti to me. The main attraction however, the ‘actual’ sunset was pretty good too! So too was the sunrise the very next morning.

The Devil’s Marbles, located in the Northern Territory, is a fascinating geological formation. Also known as Karlu Karlu, the Devil’s Marbles consist of large granite boulders that are naturally balanced on top of one another, creating a striking and otherworldly landscape.

These rounded boulders, some as big as cars, have been shaped over millions of years by erosion and weathering. The site holds cultural significance for the local Aboriginal people, who consider it a sacred place and believe that the marbles are the eggs of the Rainbow Serpent.

The site is particularly captivating during sunrise (when these images were shot) and sunset when the changing light casts a beautiful glow on the marbles. I rose particularly early this morning and captured these images of the rocks before the sun came over the horizon, so they were longish exposures and captures incredible colour, which I actually turned down in processing!

Of course when the sun did rise above the horizon, the sky burst into colour and created an astonishing sunrise image.

Next stop was in Daly Waters. The Day Waters Pub, is pretty much the entire town and they seem to own everything in the little town. Arriving late in the afternoon it is utter chaos as so many people arrive to stay in the camping ground or caravan park, all controlled by the Daly Waters Pub. I opted to stay in a hotel room, which was just OK.

The Pub is famous for it’s Beef ‘n’ Barra dinner meal which you have to pre-order in the afternoon, and show up at the allocated time to eat. The atmosphere at the rear of the Pub where you dine, is great. The food itself however…my ‘medium’ beef was totally overcooked, the Barra was dry, a shame really as it tasted good, just badly cooked.

After another long day of driving, I made it into Kununura, and hve set up camp at the Kimberleyland Caravan Park. This morning on the bank of the Lake on which the caravan sits, this small crocodile decided to start sunning himself.

My last stop before arriving in Broome, was a stay at Larawa Station. I woke in the morning to this amazing sunrise, rich with colour and contrast. From here I drove into Broome and rested up for a couple of days, before heading off on the Kimberley Road Trip.

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Broome Road Trip

After two years of careful planning, I’m beyond excited that my dream road trip from Sydney on Australia’s east coast to the

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