Menindee Lakes Golden Blue
Menindee Lakes Golden Blue

Menindee Lakes Golden Blue

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Sony 16-35mm G Master Lens


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Image Description

Menindee Lakes Golden Blue – The Menindee Lakes is a chain of shallow ephemeral freshwater lakes connected to the Darling River to form a storage system. The lakes are in the far west region of New South Wales, Australia, near the town of Menindee. The Menindee Lakes Water Storage Scheme supplies water to Broken Hill, the lower Darling and to water users along the Murray River in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia under the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement.

Seven of the lakes have been incorporated in an artificially regulated overflow system providing both for flood mitigation and as storage for domestic use, livestock and irrigation downstream. The lakes are also important for waterbirds.

A visit in June 2020 yielded some spectacular results as the sun set over the lake with an ever changing array of colour, contrasting against the black silhouette of the tress that protrude from the shallows. This particular image captures the rich gold and blue at sunset and the trees contrast well with the colour of the sky.


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